How to Write a Great Online Dating First Message

Do Not Copy

The tips on how to write a great online dating first message below can help you to send an invitation for any person you want to date. You must know that not every online dating message will get a good respond. It happens because the sender does not know the trick to attract receiver’s attention. The sender may forget the ‘rules’ in writing an online dating message.

How to Write a Great Online Dating First MessageThat is right. Writing an online dating message is full of rules. The sender must remember it when they want to catch the receiver’s attention. Since it is an online dating message, make sure that you, as the sender, give your best ‘treatment’ for the receiver if you want to get a good respond from the receiver.

To help you who wants to write an online dating first message, here are some ‘rules’ which you need to know:

  • Be Literate
    It can be the simplest rule but it is very important. Bad grammar, bad spelling and bad speech will give a negative response from the receiver. It happens because our language shows who we are. If there are many slang words in our language, they (the receiver) will think that we do not have a good personality. For the first message please use a good language.
  • Avoid Physical Compliments
    Before you meet someone it is better if you do not use too much compliment in your messages. Just a word ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ is enough to express your feeling about her/him because it is more polite and universal. It will not hurt your feeling or the receiver when in fact the receiver is not as beautiful as you think.
  • Unique Greeting
    The first impression is in your greeting. Please use a unique greeting but in literate language. It will make the receiver feel happier getting your message.
  • Bring Up Specific Interest
    By bringing up a specific interest, you will get a closer connection with the receiver. When two people have the same interest they will feel happy in a conversation.
  • The Secret Techniques
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