How To Survive An EMP Attack and Mitigating The After Effect

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Apocalypse is around the corner when your area is within the border of potential war, since a lot of trouble might arise in the after effect from the war itself. That is why preparing yourself for the worst is necessary, which can be done easily. The first thing you have to be prepared for is about the death of electronics, which caused by blackout or even EMP attack, and you might be able to survive from those disasters if you know how to survive an EMP attack properly beforehand and making use of everything to prevent that problem to ruin yourself.

How To Survive An EMP AttackThere are some stuff you need to be wary off, since you won’t be able to use many appliances after an EMP attack, like:

  • Being wary of the EMP attack itself, and you might need to start looking for decent guide on how to survive an EMP attack properly just like what the Darkest Days survival guide will teach you and preparing for a lot of countermeasure that can help you to survive the attack and even giving you more advantage on many things.
  • Preparation always giving you a lot of advantages, and you won’t be regretting your choice after everything that occurs once the EMP hits your area.
  • Without proper countermeasure against the EMP attack, you will suffer greatly after the attack happens, which often cause your appliances to die and even broke without any kind of fixes you can do on your side.
  • EMP attack itself often happened after the nuclear attack, and that is why you need to be prepared for any kinds of situation that might shows up after the explosion of any nuclear reactor on your area, which also brings radiation that might harm your body and you won’t get away easily without long-term health issue caused by those attacks.
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