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Family Self Defence Review: Learn The Honest Truth About Self-Defence

Family Self DefenceEvery human in this world does not want to be attacked and hurt by others. In order to protect people from being attacked, they have to learn to defend their selves. When it comes to family, all of the member of family should have certain, at least minimum knowledge to fight for their own lives. To accommodate that need, Family Self Defence provides a full course for the entire family to acquire full knowledge to defend their selves. Physical power or strength is not only the focus which will be built and developed, but also mental state of mind. It is necessary because strong mental power will help people to control their emotion which leads to better decision making, either in a fight, or in daily life.

The program entitled Family Self Defence will guide people to protect their family in simple, yet very effective ways as follows:

  • Learning Situation
    In the first level, before starting any fights or movements for defending, people should learn the basic difference between dangerous situation and not normal situation. In this part, people will learn how to control emotion for the basic training of mind strength.
  • Techniques Explanation
    After learning exactly when it is necessary to fight, the techniques will be explained. Most of the techniques are simple and practical. It means people will not have difficulties in learning even it is only through videos.
  • Weak Points
    To complete the defense skill, people need proper knowledge about some deadly points like ear, necks, and kidney. The practice should not waste their energy to hit stronger part of body like chest, back, or hands.

For limited time only, this Family Self Defence program, which consists of digital books plus valuable videos, can be acquired only with couple of bucks. There is also no need to worry if the book is not satisfying since there is money back guarantee. People can keep the program, and their money will be returned without any questions.

Family Self Defence Discount

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