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EA Builder: Autotrading Made Easy!

Joining the world of trading for the first time might be the riskiest task ever. It is not only for the beginners, even the experts still need the help from the Expert Advisor or the EA. We know that the very idea of the EA can work as the advisor for the traders to decide which trades should be executed and which one is shouldn’t or it can be set for trading automatically on a live account.

EA BuilderNow, let me introduce to you a very flexible and helpful tool to turn your trading task becomes easier. It’s called EA Builder. The features of this web-based application will absolutely make you to be the calmest trader ever. The Gist of the EA Builder is the enjoyable automated trading. It is designed to create your own indicators and to create your own potential strategies without the need of any programming skill.

Some other features of EA Builder are:

  • MetaTrader 4 and 5 support.
  • TradeStation EasyLanguage support.
  • Free to create unlimited indicators.
  • One-time upgrade strategies.
  • Video tutorials.

The EA Builder is also enriched with the automated trading system. Actually, this is the most pleasing feature from this Expert Advisor since you can even change the manual trading system into the Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 and 5 or for the needs of the TradeStation strategy. By referring into the size of your account moreover your financial goals, you can even unlimitedly develop the indicators and strategies for the bigger trading usage such as Forex, stocks or commodities.

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