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  • Standard Package: $47
  • Upgraded Package: $96.95
  • VIP Premium Package: $97

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DIY Bike Repair Review: The Ultimate Bike Repair Course

Traveling using a bicycle is fun, people can enjoy their surrounding in more detail because they move in slower pace than riding a motorbike. They also can reach a distant place using bike while enjoying the ride. The problem is when the bike can’t run properly because there is something wrong with the gear or brake or anything unfamiliar. The only place to get the bike fixed is by visiting a nearby workshop. Then another problem arises. The price to fix the bikes is quite expensive.

DIY Bike Repair

Fortunately there is a do-it-yourself bike repair course, or also known as DIY Bike Repair by Dave Delgado. He masters of repairing bicycle from Colorado, so you can believe him in his cheap and simple tutorials for a lifetime benefits.

  • Complete Tutorials
    Delgado has experienced as a professional bike repairman for over 20 years, so he knows everything about repairing bike. In his tutorial package, there are over 200 videos of 10 hours of duration and 150 pages of manuals including some bonuses to answer all of the questions regarding bike reparation.
  • Simple Tutorials
    Delgado knows that the viewers are ranging from beginner to experts, so in his tutorials, he uses simple utterances for clear understanding. The tutorials are also in logical order which make them understandable.
  • Good Accessibility
    The DIY Bike Repair course can be accessed and acquired in many ways after the purchase. People who have purchased the videos can view them online and download them, or ask Delgado to ship it to anywhere pleased.

Beside the main tutorials, you will also get some super bonuses that are really helpful to improve your biking experience. They are trick of trading, secret of repair shop, and how to improve all kind of bikes drastically. Delgado is also responsible if there is questions regarding the bike repairing by opening live chat for members which is basically another bonus of the service of DIY Bike Repair course. So, why should wait any longer if there is a great course for a lifetime benefits?

DIY Bike Repair Discount

The regular prices of DIY Bike Repair course on its website are $47 for standard package, $96.95 for upgraded package, and $97 for VIP premium package. But now, you can get the DIY Bike Repair course with $10 OFF on standard package, $30 OFF on upgraded package, and $30 OFF on VIP premium package! Just click the “Add to Cart” button below to claim your discount.

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